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Joy, we had a great experience with Steve and will definitely be a repeat customer.
Nick L.

President, Hoosier Logistics, Inc.

“I have had the pleasure of utilizing Midwest AirLink for many years. The pilots have always been at the airport waiting for me. The primary pilot I have flown with is John Slegers. He is a talented pilot. The flights have been smooth, John finds the calm air and utilizes it. He can land and take off in a blizzard as though it is a sunny summers day (I know this from experience). I can sit in the co-pilot seat and hear the towers communicate and chat with the pilot or sit in back and take a nap or read a book.

People ask me if I am ever afraid to fly in a small airplane. My response is, not for one second!! AirLink has the ability to land in smaller airports. The smaller airports are typically more conveniently located. If you wish, you can be dropped off at one airport and picked up at another. It is wonderful not to have to drive to a commercial airport and struggle with parking, your luggage, the crowds, delays, and deal with security. Many of these smaller airports are capable of making arrangements for your rental car. It is there waiting for you when you arrive. It is easy to book a flight with AirLink and they are very accommodating to your needs. Give AirLink a try, I think you will like it.”

Wendy Myers

As a Northwest Indiana business owner with several locations throughout the Midwest, I have found that using Midwest Air Link is one of the smartest moves I’ve made.

Whether I am attending a meeting with a customer, checking on an operation, or visiting a new facility, I can arrive at the location without having to leave home at a ridiculously early hour. By flying with Midwest Air Link, I am refreshed and ready for a productive day when I get to my location, instead of feeling stressed and tired when I get there. Believe me, being fresh results in much improved negotiating power for whatever business I may be conducting.

The efficiency of private flying is important to me also. In these days of long airport security lines and the distance I am from a commercial airline terminal, the fact that I can have a ten-minute drive to the airport, no lines to deal with, as well as the professional treatment I receive at Midwest Air Link, is a tremendous asset for me.

Besides that, Dorothy loves to fly.

Sam Raich III

President, Eagle Services Corp.

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