Where can we take you?

Midwest Air Link Chicago Area Charter Flights

We can take you all across the country and even into Canada. Our flights are usually nonstop and we can land at airports that airlines can't. This means we get you closer to need to be, when you need to be there.

  • We pick you up where and when you need, and take you where you need to go.
  • Our custom charters can get you there faster and operate on your schedule.
  • Avoid long security lines at the airport, lengthy delays and overcrowded airplanes.
  • Forget worrying about connecting flights, traffic to the airport, or adhering to the airline's schedule.
  • With seating for up to 5, take the family, your employees, or just stretch out.
  • Just need a package delivered right away? We fly cargo, too!

Unbeatable time saving

Compare average travel and wait times with our charter to those of airlines and driving.  We save you precious time.

Chicago to Midwest Air Link Airlines Driving
Cleveland, OH 1:00 3:22 6:03
Mackinac Island, MI 1:20 No Carrier 7:00
Branson, MO 2:30 5:37 9:12
Des Moines, IA 1:30 4:42 5:31

Enjoy Comfortable cabin class seating

Step into Midwest Air Link Chicago Area Charter Flightsyour private cabin with comfortable and spacious seating. Enjoy unparalleled views while you prep for your meeting, or sit back, relax, and enjoy XM radio.


Charter a Flight!

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